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 O N T I C E L L O  V    

2 0 1 9  F O A L S

fusion cca baby pic.jpg

Fusion CCA
( x Aprils Love Note)

2019 Bay Purebred Colt

Proudly owned by Kathleen Kelly


( x Versaces Alibi)

2019 Bay H/A Filly

Proudly owned by McLamb V Arabian Farm LLC


Pocatello V

( x Psyngle Rose FA)

2019 Bay Purebred Colt

Proudly owned by Varian Arabians

& Inga Applequist


KH Khamari

( x KH Khaleah)

2019 Chestnut H/A Filly

Proudly owned by Patricia Dangel

2019 Foals Not Pictured

Sir Winston KS ( x Undulatas Paradise), owned by Keepsake Arabians

TN Khamea ( x TN Khemarie), owned by Julia Neufeld

WC Bandera ( x WC Sasha), owned by Holly Woods Dillin

Mister Preacherman ( x Elle Allura), owned by Linda McCabe

MSU Sugar Sugar ( x MSU Simply Angelic), owned by Michigan State University Department of Animal Science

California Copper TOA ( x Khalifornia Gold TOA), owned by Amy Ash

Morocco CS ( x Pocheska), owned by Cynthia Smith

CPH Its Cello Time ( x CPH Belle Starr), owned by Nicole Cotton

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